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what clients say:

“Thanks a million for your patience and caring during the process of creating my brand, I couldn't be happier with the results. Such an amazing job.”

- Cassia Chaves, Sweet Layers

“Daniela is extremely professional and an excellent graphic designer. She is responsible for the brand design of my company, Delicafé Truck and I am pleased with the result. I highly recommend her work. She is very competent and dedicated.”

- Jeanny Bavaresco, Delicafe

“Dani Baum as we call her is one of the best design professionals that I have worked with. Besides being a genuine artist, Dani has a special talent to deal with people in a very charismatic and captivating way. She has worked with us in the past and I hope that she will join the team again as our design mate.”

- Samuel Crescencio, Lean IT 101