The Silk Scarves through the ages

From the Golden ‘20s to the Groovy ‘70s

The silk scarf has been around for a very, very long time and even today, ladies are still wearing them in lots of different, stylish ways to add another dimension to their outfits.

If you are looking for a little “scarf-spiration”, look no further than here, as we look back to see how the fabulous ladies that came before us wore their silk scarves =) 

Images source: Pinterest

Images source: Pinterest


Silk scarves made their fashion debut in a major way during the golden twenties! Picture it — it was the age of major glam and everyone who was anyone could be seen wearing that decade’s hottest accessory in the form of a long, beautiful, skinny silk scarf.

Slim, streamlined styles and fit were the name of the game back then and the style du jour was to knot your printed silk scarf loosely around the neck and let it dangle, drawing the eye down to the beautiful drop-waist dresses that were all the rage.

Another chic way to wear your silk scarf was to tie it stylishly, both accessorizing and protecting your hair in a practical and chic way. Our twenties girls would either use the scarf as a thin headband or use the scarf to cover their entire head.

Images source: Pinterest

Images source: Pinterest


While the silk scarf continued to pick up steam as we entered a new decade, the way ladies wore it began to evolve. Say goodbye to the long, skinny, Bohemian styles of the twenties and say hello to fun, funky prints and a new square shape! Our ladies of the thirties loved them some geometric prints and so the accessories of the day mirrored that.

Everywhere you looked you found women rocking a loosely knotted scarf about their neck, much shorter than around ten years prior, in a way that was very carelessly chic. This shorter shape drew the eye up towards the neckline rather than down towards this waist.

And the prints! Stripes, florals, and particularly polka dots ruled the runway with women using these fun and exciting prints as a way to express themselves.

Images source: Pinterest

Images source: Pinterest


If you thought that our beautiful silk scarves took a backseat during the war-torn years of the 1940’s, think again! Our silk scarves took on a whole new meaning during this time, where they became not solely accessories, but also functional wardrobe items and even a means of keeping spirits up.

Perhaps the most iconic image of the silk scarf can be seen in the famous Rosie the Riveter image, where the silk scarf moved upwards from the neck to the head.

Many working-class women used scarves as a means of covering and protecting their hair as they moved into the factory jobs forsaken by the men who were off fighting in World War II. In fact, many savvy fashion houses actually produced scarves that had powerful slogans emblazoned on them to keep these strong ladies focused during that trying period, such as “make do and mend”, and “switch off that light, darling!”

For those ladies not directly involved in the war efforts, scarves were still used as a fashion statement as many ladies of the forties can be seen wearing beautiful silk turbans that are still very popular today!

Images source: Pinterest

Images source: Pinterest


The scarf’s journey through the ages was by no means smooth as we can see!

By the 1950’s the scarf had migrated back towards the neck and while it was still a popular accessory to adorn your beautiful locks, by far the trendiest way to wear a scarf was about the neck.

Think Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday or even the Pink Ladies in Grease — the sweater, chiffon neck scarf and skirt combo was the outfit to be seen in during the fifties, where ultra-feminine looks reigned supreme.

The printed chiffon neck scarf was often on the shorter side, and used to add a pop of color or personality to a voluminous poodle skirt, or a sleek fitted pencil skirt.

Ladies also continued to use scarves as a way to protect their hair as they ventured into new unchartered territories such as driving or traveling! 



The sixties ushered in the “Mod era”, where funky, eclectic prints were seen on catwalks all over.

The style of scarves during this time looked backwards towards the forties, where scarves were mainly worn on the head, but this time with much more glam. Big beautiful scarves, were used to accessorize big beautiful hair, with scarves being wrapped around the head and knotted under the chin. Throw on a pair of oversized sunglasses, and our sixties ladies were able to achieve supermodel status instantly!

Scarves during this time were also more matchy-matchy now, as they were often part of an entirely coordinated outfit!

Images source: Pinterest

Images source: Pinterest


Scarves popularity may have peaked during the seventies, but they certainly made a major impression during this era. There is no other accessory more emblematic of the psychedelic seventies than the scarf!

The possibilities for the scarf were endless during this time — ladies were wearing their beautiful printed turbans with large statement earrings while some opted to tie their scarf around their hair like a headband.

Others wore their scarf long and loose about the neck, with their paisley blouses and bellbottom jeans for a “totally awesome” look!

The scarf truly had a moment during the seventies as that decade’s it accessory!

How do you wear your scarf?

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